Our Team


Michelle Manker - Founder

Michelle Manker was the founder of A Critter's Chance.  She worked as a vet assistant for the Avian Exotic Animal Clinic for approximately ten years and worked with exotics and wildlife her entire life.  She had been a licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator and was on the Hamilton County Task Force Committee for Wildlife.  Michelle also trained others, including local police and fire agencies on how to help animals or who to call in certain situations.  She especially loved doing programs for children. Michelle had such a huge impact on animal rescue here in Indiana not only for wildlife but exotic and farm animals as well. Michelle passed away on April 13, 2013.  She will be missed by her loving husband Pat, her son Jason, her animal rescue family, and the animals will miss her too.  She was their "voice" for several years.  There wasn't any animal she would not help.  We will miss our friend, but we will continue the wonderful work she started. 


Amanda Nosie - President

Amanda grew up in Indianapolis with a wide variety of pets, including a female iguana named Jose.  She would also rescue wild birds and baby bunnies, mostly from the jaws of a neighborhood cat.  Amanda has her M.S. in molecular biology and is especially interested in reptile nutrition and metabolism.  She also enjoys creating and maintaining terrariums, which provide a more natural habitat for her pets.


Kelly Thomas - Vice President

Since early childhood, Kelly has had a great love and respect for both animals and nature. Her passion is animal behavior and helping abused and abandoned animals transform into the happy, healthy animal that they should be. Kelly has been a volunteer with A Critter’s Chance for several years. Her dream is to convert her farm into a sanctuary for exotic and farm rescues, complete with natural habitats, gardens and exotic and farm animal pet boarding. When Kelly is not on the farm taking care of foster animals or at A Critter’s Chance events, she can be found hiking the trails and enjoying nature’s beauty.

Board Members

Lisa Sbai - Treasurer


Lisa  grew up in the countryside of southern Indiana, spending her childhood on her grandparents’ farms. After earning a degree in Biology, she moved to Arizona where she volunteered for Liberty Wildlife in Scottsdale, working with raptors and other wildlife in rehabilitation and education. With moves to Illinois, North Carolina, and finally back to Indiana, she continued to volunteer in pet shelters, particularly with cats, and has rescued wild birds, squirrels, and a possum. Lisa lives with four cats she rescued from shelters or as strays and a husband she rescued from the dating pool. She enjoys hiking, birdwatching, and working with the animals on Kelly’s rescue farm.

Laura Vosahlik - Videographer


Laura is originally from a small Indiana town. She followed her passion for animals and nature to Florida State University for their marine biology program. However, a rewarding opportunity working at a summer camp with at-risk children, followed by a graduate program and Indiana University, shifted her into a career working with children as a school psychologist. She never lost her passion for helping animals, and has found a new love volunteering and editing videos for ACC. She feels her new calling is to bring animals and people together for positive learning experiences.

Thomas Moore - Event Coordinator


Kim Krull - Secretary


Kim She is a Master Gardener, a Backyard Habitat Steward, a member of the Indiana Native Plant and Wildflower Society, and a former Black Belt.  She is an avid gardener and loves to kayak, hike, and take pictures of her garden and its visitors.  Kim works as an Optometric Technician for Ossip Optometry in Irvington.  Her backyard habitat has multiple small ponds with fish, frogs, toads, dragon and damsil flies, and other critters attracted to the water and flowers.  She currently lives with a rescued dog, cats, ball python, a variety of fish, and whatever fosters happen to be at her residence!

Tammy Somers - Board Member


Tammy has a background working with animals, including as a vet assistant and a wildlife rehabilitator. She loves to volunteer and donates her time to several causes. In addition to her work with ACC, she volunteers at the Indianapolis Zoo and drives rescue transports monthly. She has several rescued pets including dogs, cats, reptiles and birds.

Junior Board Member

Olivia Head


While a full time high-school student, Olivia has discovered her passion for animals, specifically for mini pigs. She has not only adopted and fostered, but started her own business, Olivia's Oinking Acres, to raise money to spay/neuter our rescue pigs. She gets to know each one of our porcine rescues and helps to review adoption applications to make sure our pigs find the perfect home. Her compassion and enthusiasm are an inspiration to all the (often jaded) adults around her. This girl is going to change the world, and we can't wait to see it!