Who to Contact

Wildlife Rehabilitators


Find a list of licensed wildlife rehabbers at the Indiana DNR Website.

Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic


This vet will accept wildlife during open hours. Contact information is on their website.

Licensed Rehabber Katja


For advice and referrals by phone, you can call Katja Craft at 317-263-1131.

What to do if you find a wild animal

Deer Fawns


Mother deer leave their babies alone while they eat. If you find a fawn, it is likely not abandoned. Leave it alone and watch from a distance to make sure mom comes back.

Baby Cottontails


Unless you know for certain the mother has died, baby rabbits usually do not need your help. To determine whether to leave them or take them to a professional, see this article.

Baby Birds


Like most animals, birds are better off with their parents. The infographic on this page can help you decide what needs to be done.



Unless the turtle is injured (bleeding, cracked shell, etc), they do not need your help. Please let them in their home. Box turtles, like the one pictured here, are endangered and illegal to remove from the wild.



If their mother has been killed, please get them to a licensed rehabber. DO NOT try to feed them yourselves. They are very fragile and often die when inexperienced people try to raise them after consulting Google.

In the meantime...


After contacting a rehabber, place the baby in a warm, dark place, such as a box with a heating pad. DO NOT handle it and DO NOT try to feed it yourself. Keep children and other pets away from the animal. Stress can kill wildlife.