Resident Animals


Gambit – Pot Belly Pig

Gambit was surrendered to us from the Fortville area when he was around 2 ½ years old.  The dogs that he lives with did not like him and often attacked him.  When we took him in, he had bloody bites to his butt and tail.  He still does not like dogs and prefers to be left alone. He sits for treats and was originally a house pig who rang a bell when he needed to go outside.  He now prefers to be outside and knows how to cover himself up with blankets when it is cold. Sponsor Gambit today!


Max – Arctic Fox

He is around 5 years old.  Surrendered by a family who could not properly care for him. When he arrived, he was underweight, full of ticks and had severe diarrhea from a poor diet.  Foxes can only eat poultry and small rodents.  Pork is toxic to them and they cannot digest beef. He likes to eat cooked or raw chicken or turkey.  He loves frozen/thawed rats, sweet potatoes, eggs, rice and peas.  He gets very hot and uncomfortable in the summer so we give him frozen treats and frozen water bottles to help stay cool.  His ears are smaller than our native foxes to prevent frostbite in arctic regions; his feet are big for better traction on ice.  He maintains a thick layer of blubber/fat to help keep him warm in the winter. Sponsor Max today! 


Marley – Red Fox

Marley was surrendered to us when he was 3 months old. He peed and pooped on everything.  Was aggressive toward toddlers.  Very territorial over his toys and blankets so owners could not keep him.  Most breeders do not allowed their animals to be returned for any reason.  Marley gets his unique coloring from breeding (usually inbreeding) light colored red foxes. Sponsor Marley today!


Felix – Red Fox

Much like Marley, his coloring is from inbreeding. Felix was surrendered when he was around 5-6 months old because of his wild instincts. He dug holes in the floors and walls, territorial and did not have enough room to run and play in his owner’s small apartment. Sponsor Felix today!


Tamaki – Gray Fox:

Tamaki was purchased as a pet when he was a baby to a family who lived in downtown Indy.  He was kept in a large rabbit hutch for the 5 years that they had him.  Tamaki is a senior fox who is not as active as the other foxes. Sponsor Tamaki today! 


Taco – Muntjac:

Muntjacs are the smallest breed of deer native to south Asia. Taco was left at animal control in Indy with a bunch of farm animals.  By nature, he is extremely skittish, curious and quick.  He eats hay, fruits and vegetables, nuts.  Taco is not able to grow a winter coat thick enough to withstand our coldest temperatures in the winter. His fragile legs can break easily if he slips on ice. He chews his cud and spit out cherry pits when he regurgitates them! He has large scent glands and tear ducts that open up when he pees and poops. He learned how to use the litter box right away and loves to chill on the couch. Sponsor Taco today! 


Gerard – Golden Pheasant

Golden Pheasants are native to China.  He was found as a stray in Franklin. Sponsor Gerard today!


Veggie, Vegan and Zsa Zsa – Yorkshire Farm Pig

These pigs were born 12-6-2016, and then rescued on December 7th after found trying to nurse on their dead mother.  More than likely the sow (who was 900 pounds) died after difficulties delivering the 4th piglet.  She probably died of exhaustion and stress.  The owner was going to let the 3 living piglets die on their own.  The neighbor collected them and brought them to us to care for.  We almost lost Zsa Zsa.  She was unresponsive but we were able to revive her and separate her from the boys to ensure she was getting enough to eat.  They are very friendly, love belly rubs, love to play in the water and are very happy pigs!  They even know their names. Sponsor Veggie, Vegan and Zsa Zsa today!


Sheldon - African Spurred Tortoise, also called a Sulcata.

Sheldon is approximately 28 years old.  He was found as a stray and brought to ACC about 10 years ago.  The pyramiding on his shell is a deformity caused by Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD) which is a result of a poor diet. Although Sulcatas will eat nearly anything, they are strictly vegetarians.  Too much protein can cause this disease and can be completely debilitating.  We believe Sheldon’s growth has been stunted by his poor diet prior to being rescued. Sulcata’s are the third largest tortoise in the world and can weigh up to 200 pounds.  They can live up to 150 years old. Sponsor Sheldon today! 


Stanley and Fifi - Bunnies

Stanley was adopted but returned because of bad behavior.  Apparently he did not want to leave the farm and refused to play nice until he was returned.  He now lives in the house and is best friends with Taco, the Muntjac.  One day a sweet, unique girl bunny caught his eye.  It was Fifi.  Fifi was rescued from a dumpster after literally being thrown away in a box after not being sold at an auction. Luckily someone saw her being shoved into a box and tossed into a dumpster. She was rescued and brought to ACC.  After a vet check, we discovered his hip had been broken when she was very young and was never tended to.  Her leg is now deformed causing it to stick straight out beside her.  Stanley noticed that this handicap does not slow her down one bit and he fell madly in love with her. Now Stanley and Fifi live together and are glued to each other’s side at all times.  Stanley grooms the ear that Fifi cannot reach with her deformed leg and always makes sure she is happy and comfortable. Sponsor Stanley and Fifi today!


Rhyme and Reason – White peafowl.

Rhyme and Reason – White peafowl.  They arrived with over 70 other show birds that were confiscated because of severe neglect.  Many birds were already dead when animal control arrived.  The surviving birds were covered in lice, suffered from respiratory infections, dirty and were extremely underweight.  Rhyme and Reason settled in quickly and turned into a beautiful peacock and peahen!  They are the farm police and keep a close eye on everything going on at the farm.  If anything is out of the ordinary, Reason blurts out a warning to let everyone know. Sponsor Rhyme and Reason today!


Marco – A Senegal Parrot.

He was surrendered by his owner after 12 years.   He prefers women and will attack men because of jealousy! Parrots will bond closely with their owners so moving them from home to home can be difficult. Marco became attached to Kelly very quickly, which led to his permanent residency.  When no one is around, he talks to himself.  He’ll say “Come here, Marco”, “Love you” and “Trick or treat!”. Sponsor Marco today!


Peanut - Miniature Horse

Peanut is a miniature horse with a giant personality (don’t ever tell him he is a miniature horse!).  Peanut was owned by an elderly couple.  When the man died, the woman could not care for peanut.  He was 2 years old when he came to the farm and is now nearly 6 years old.  Peanut needs special attention to his diet.  It’s important for him to keep his figure lean and mean since minis founder easily.  Peanut loves peppermints and pretty much anything he can get his mouth on.  He knows how to open barn doors, stall doors, gates and the feed box! Sponsor Peanut today!


Phoebe - Pekin Duck

 She was purchased from a farm store as a duckling and lived in an apartment.  A toddler in the home pick up Phoebe by the leg causing a serious injury.  She could not walk when she arrived. She has been on several rounds of antibiotics and will most likely have problems the rest of her life.  She loves to be carried around like a baby.  She gives hugs and loves to be hand fed. Sponsor Phoebe today!